• A parallel universe

    how does gaming nutrition reflect sports nutrition? What are the main focus points, and in what ways can a brand target this growing population?

    A new kind of energy drink

    what are the key characteristics of energy drinks in gaming? Which ingredients and doses are used, and how do gaming products use a unique flavour description framework?

    A platform for brain performance

    Gaming presents a great platform for nootropics and brain supplements, but how are these products composed? Which ingredients and functions are gamers looking for, which formats are best suited to the occasion? How do brands approach gaming nootropics, and how does this fare with the existing nootropic market?

    The future of gaming nutrition

    Which other aspects of the gaming lifestyle can be targeted? Which product types, formats and propositions are likely to fit into the gaming market and appeal to consumers?

Nick Morgan

Nick began his career as an exercise physiologist in elite sport before working at GSK and then consulting into the active nutrition industry since 2010. His primary focus is on how our understanding of science, the consumer and the market integrates to underpin business strategy and innovation.

Eva Prato Luna

Eva has a passion for sports nutrition and a flair for data analysis. Her primary focus is translating the detail of thousands of data points into actionable insights