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An opportunity for sports nutrition brands (or not)? Esports/gaming is widely acknowledged to be a market in significant growth. However, as yet, the role of nutrition remains in its relative infancy, whilst the majority of brands available are gaming focused brands offering gaming products (predominantly energy RTMs) that are “developed for gamers, by gamers”. The role of sports nutrition brands is not clear, albeit the similarities and potential relevance is obvious given that attributes of mental performance are important determinants of success. To date, Myprotein (via Team Command), Bodylab, Redcon1 and Ghost are the notable first movers. And Ghost aside, there are no signs that they have been able to gain initial traction. On the basis that esports and gaming is based on ‘community’, the importance of social media is a pre-requisite to success. To put this into perspective, we have compared the number of Instagram followers of Team Command to the well-established gaming brands; G Fuel and Sneak G Fuel (US) – 3,3m Sneak (UK) - 182k Team Command (UK; Myprotein) – 1070 Interestingly, as Sports Nutrition brands look to seek acceptance within the community, there is a continued push within the esports and gaming industry to drive the importance of health and wellness. In fact, Excel esports enterprise recently signed a partnership deal with Eleiko to support the training programmes of their ‘athletes’. The point? The opportunity for sports nutrition brands is to offer just that; sports nutrition – particularly as all enterprises and teams are increasing their focus on training and performance. Gaming brands do not offer this support, nor do they have the expertise. Just like Eleiko, sports nutrition should offer the performance solutions that they are known for, not try to be something they are not.... Read more

August 2021 • 6 min read • Foresight• Vegan