Protein Drinks – Life Beyond Sports Nurition

Protein shakes are moving away from the traditional sports market and diversifying into active lifestyle/nutrition. This has resulted in a very broad drinks landscape where protein is the star player. Through the use of different ingredients (protein sources, functional ingredients) and health and wellness claims, protein shakes are also trying to keep on top of trends (vegan, keto). Protein is a big ‘buzz word’ when it comes to functional drinks. The result? A variety of product types and propositions targeted towards a range of different markets, all boasting their inclusion of protein.

This report drills down into the different product types that are now including protein, looking at claims, protein dose and the ongoing contest between protein sources.

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What's Included

  • Report
  • Powerpoint Presentation
  • Infographic
Price options
  • October 2020 report only: £3495
  • 1 year subscription* £5250

What will you learn?

  • How are different product types including protein (Source and Dose)?
  • How are protein drinks becoming "better for you"?
  • How a consumer interest in sustainability has shifted the packaging of drinks.
The death of sports nutrition - the use of protein across needstates
Positionings targeted by protein drinks - Pie Chart
Top on pack claims for protein shakes/additional benefits - Bar Chart
A diversification in product type
Split of product types uisng protein - Pie Chart
Serving Size vs {rpteom dpse - Scatter (coloured by product type?)
Added Protein - Is it worth the price?
Nutiritonal information of protien shakes vs milk drinks
Percentage of products making a protien claim without dding protein - Pie Chart
Protein dose - how much protein is too much protein?
Protein per serving for all product types - Histogram
Protein per serving split by each product type - Histogram
The growth of plant protein
Protein sources used - Tree Map
Plant protein sources used - Tree Map
Prevalence of vegan vs animal vs blend - Pie Chart
Protein dose split by protein source - Histogram
Top Claims used by each product type - Bar Chart
Inclusion of other functional ingredients
Top "with benefits" claims used in protein drinks - Bar Chart
Top active ingredients added in protein drinks - Bar Chart
Format and packaging contribute to customer appeal.
Use of different packaging formats - Pie Chart

Example Charts