Keeping pace with dietary preferences

The modern consumer has complex dietary requirements and preferences. New bars must reflect the rise of different dietary trends(e.g. Keto, vegan, collagen, gluten free).

This report looks into the characteristics of the products trying to target these consumers, including the variety of approaches in terms of nutritional values, ingredients, serving sizes and flavours. 

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What's Included

  • Report
  • Powerpoint Presentation
  • Infographic
Price options
  • July 2020 report only: £3495
  • 1 year subscription* £5250

What will you learn?

  • Which food trends are most targetted by bars?
  • Is it all about the packaging or is there a difference in bar composition/make-up?
  • How does the addition of active ingredients (e.g. collagen) alter nutritional values?
Protein sources - Tree map
Top claims in vegan bars - Bar chart
Product types - Pie chart
Keto bars vs other bars - Nutritional comparison
Top claims - Bar chart
Bars with benefits - beyond the nutritional profile
Top active ingredients used - Bar charts
Collagen - Case study
Pre- and Probiotics - Case study
Superfoods - Case study
CBD - Case study
Amino Acids/BCAAs - Case study
Innovative approaches
Refrigerator bars - Case study
Savoury bars - Case study

Example Charts