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Beyond energy drink powders

Currently 63% of all gaming products are energy drinks, of which 84% are powders (vs. RTDs). Furthermore, 69% of brands only offer one product. Therefore, gaming nutrition IS energy powders (currently).

But is there an opportunity in energy beyond the powder?

Firstly, you can look at RTDs. However, that is walking straight into the domain of ‘energy drinks’ like Red Bull and Monster. That is a tough market to compete in.

RTDs could of course be Shots, but as yet, there are very few product examples to show or confirm a demand. There is just no precedent for that format yet, despite the relevance.

One area of interest is chewing gum, particularly for use ‘in game’. See Respawn. Chewing gum has been entertained by a number of other brands, whilst it is a popular format used in professional sport (i.e. rugby). Whilst a single caffeine capsule might not have sufficient excitement, a chewing gum in comparison offers a different experience and potential to leverage innovation in flavour and other active ingredients.

More recently we have seen energy patches – and whilst we note that this product is unavailable, the concept has been presented to the consumer. It also continues to underpin a wave of topical applications (applied to the skin) that should be monitored (see SKINZ.gg).

Finally, and closer to home, is the Performance Milkshake (RTM) by Gamers ONLY. A complete flip on convention where the traditional water based energy powder is replaced with a milkshake style energy product. Perhaps it offers greater satiety, something that on reflection might be interesting, but whatever the insight it is certainly a break from citrus fruit flavours.