Clif Bar Duos

Clif in the US already has an extensive, and successful flavour range (20 for their traditional bar). However, over the last two years, they have been innovating in the format of their bars. For example, their nut butter bars (launched in 2019) were one of the first to use a nut butter filling. Since, they have introduced their nut butter bars in the UK and now 1% of all bars (EU and US) include a nut butter filling.

In January 2021, they launched their ‘Thins’ bar, a thinner, crispier bar (more of a biscuit texture) and leveraging the low calorie proposition (100 calories per 2 biscuit pack). Although this is a relatively unique format for an energy bar brand, it is not uncommon in the healthy snacking market (think belvita/breakfast biscuits).

Their latest release, however, is new and innovative across all bars. Clif Bar Duos are a combination of two flavours in one bar, side by side. They have combined some of their best selling flavours in one bar to “double up on taste” and give consumers the ‘best of both worlds’. These bars are available in three flavour combinations:

Chocolate Brownie + Crunchy Peanut Butter Cool Mint Chocolate (with Caffeine) + Chocolate Chip Chocolate Brownie + White Chocolate Macadamia Nut

Flavours have previously been combined as layers one on top of the other (e.g. Tribe Triple Decker) - 6.4% of all bars are layered. However the use of layers gives a different tasting experience. All layers are consumed in each bite, and tastes are merged into one. By combining flavours in the way Clif has done with their Duos, they still keep the flavours separate whilst giving the consumer variety in taste in a single snacking bar/occasion.

So What?

Innovation in the bar market is about engaging and intriguing consumers with new exciting flavours, textures, formats as a way to stand out and differentiate from the rest of the market, and Clif have done just that. All of these products are changing our perception of what a snack/energy/protein bar is. It will be interesting to see if other bars follow suit with this unique format or what other ideas brands come up with over the next 12 months.