A new normal – Functional soft drinks

Active ingredients can be added to a variety of products including juices/smoothies, waters and sodas. Thus providing a ‘better for you’ option (i.e. with added benefits) to frequent soft drink consumers. Often these are ‘trendy’ ingredients such as collagen, probiotics or vitamins and minerals and reflect an increase in consumer demand for healthier/functional products whilst also maintaining the desire for soft-drink consumption. This category of drinks is all about enhancing the drinking experience. For example through innovative flavours and added benefits, consumers feel they are drinking something better than a soft drink

This report looks at how the soft drinks scene is changing, the functional ingredients used and how products are focusing on enhancing the drinking experience through flavours and product types.

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What's Included

  • Report
  • Powerpoint Presentation
  • Infographic
Price options
  • July 2020 report only: £3495
  • 1 year subscription* £5250

What will you learn?

  • Functionality of soft drinks using different ingredients
  • What are the top claims or positioings amongst soft drinks?
  • How are flavours being used to improve the drinking experience?
Rise of purposeful drinking
Main positions/claims for functional drinks
'Better for you' options in every category
Top claims across all categories
Active ingredients
Flavour innovation - enhancing the tasting experience

Example Charts