A merger of markets: how are brands positioning themselves?

An increase in consumer awareness/interest in health and nutrition has led to increased diversification of the snacking market. With many brands trying to enter this market, there are many product propositions, all targeting different ingredients, claims and nutritional profiles.  In this dynamic market, products maintain a focus on ingredients, claims and nutritional profiles. 

This report explores how the changes in consumer demand have diversified the snacking market but also led to merging/similarities across all product types (with an increased focus on active/lifestyle nutrition and a movement away from traditional snack bar propositions e.g. sports bars, cereal bars).

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What's Included

  • Report
  • Powerpoint Presentation
  • Infographic
Price options
  • July 2020 report only: £3495
  • 1 year subscription* £5250

What will you learn?

  • How is consumer demand driving bar development?
  • What are the predominant bar types?
  • Who are the main/early players?
  • What are the main claims across all bars?
  • What are the typical approaches in terms of ingreidents and/or nutritional value?
Setting new boundaries - Functional vs better for you
Evolution of the bar market - Diagram and summary
What do people want? - A look into consumer needstates
Positionings covered - Diagram
Category summary
Changes in claims
How do we define "health"?
Top Claims - Bar chart
The death of Sports Nutrition
Brand Types - Word cloud
Use of positionings - Pie chart
Top functional claims - Bar chart
Bars are coming from all directions
Products per brand - Histogram
The three types of bars
Product type split - Histogram
Two main propositions - Heat map

Example Charts